We love testing new products to find out which of those could be included in our diets. What we are looking for are products that help us sustain REDOX homeostasis during and after significant physiological training stress.

One product that has been making strong claims to directly supplementing cells with REDOX molecules is ASEA. ASEA is a first to the market product containing stabilized endogenous REDOX molecules made outside the body from electrolyzed saline.

A number of people, including myself, who have tested the products and found significant increases in energy, mental clarity and rate of recovery and healing at the recommended dosages.

We were overall impressed with the metabolic response and would definitely recommend as a supplement, particularly if your body is stressed from training, sickness or injury.

We partner with the brands we personally use and test and this allows us to offer discounts. If you are interested in trying ASEA for yourself follow this link and sign-in as a “preferred customer” which will give you the wholesale price on an “auto-ship” program (you can cancel at any time).