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Massage Therapy

As the co-owner of Deepfeet Massage Therapy, our massage clinics in Emerald and Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia we are always open to investors, excellent massage therapists looking for employment and customers in need. Clinics are located in major retail centers and staffed with qualified massage therapists. HICAPS health fund rebates are available from therapists with massage qualifications, and all therapists are experienced in massage therapy.

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Natural Health

What we look for in sustainable health and the environment are innovations that lie within the normal tolerances of the organism and its environment. This often requires restoring a set of conditions that are natural. And while our strategies cannot be considered absolute, they can be safely and effectively applied.

Helping a partner launch an early stage cellular health technology into the Australasian markets, working with a biotech company from the U.S. This is being hailed as one of the most significant health, anti-aging and athletic breakthroughs in our lifetime. Contact me if you have or know of someone with health issues or are open to looking at income options.

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We all benefit from innovations in sustainable health and the environment. Maintaining the health and the ecological conditions in which species and humans can survive is the foundation for ensuring that every creature lives on despite an ecosystem where thousands cease to exist annually.

Developing the design and locations of a New Bradfield Scheme, an Australian large-scale water diversion scheme designed to irrigate and drought-proof much of the western Queensland and Northern NSW.

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My contributions to research have been recognized by the US Immigration Service as an Outstanding Researcher due to my peer-reviewed publications in biodiversity, human health and artificial intelligence (ResearchGate, Scholar, LinkedIn). I myself have a Ph.D. in Ecosystem Dynamics. I have worked with the World Health Organisation, School of Tropical Medicine UNSW, Australian Parks and Wildlife, Land and Natural Resources services, as well as the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California San Diego.

David is an Adjunct Researcher with the Centre for Intelligent Systems (CQU) which conducts outcome driven and theoretical research into the application of complex intelligent systems to such areas as environmental management of fire, road safety, and pavement maintenance.

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