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Bradfield Scheme Helps to Support Rural Immigration Policies

The Morrison government will try to lure skilled migrants away from the nation’s choked cities with a new visa requiring them to spend at least three years in regional Australia as a condition of seeking permanent residency.

Under proposed changes, backpackers will now be able to stay with agricultural employers beyond six months and will be able to triple the length of their stay if they do extra agricultural work.  This is a move which is aimed at rural Australia and farmers specifically.

The Bradfield Scheme would dramatically boost agricultural production in rural Australia up to $50 billion per annum.

Creating a network of dams and pipelines in outback Australia would help reverse the population drift to the major coastal cities. Towns would develop to service new agricultural activities. Transport and tourism would follow, with the necessary transport infrastructure being developed. This would encourage greater travel through, and more settlement in, the great Australian outback.

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Does Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party plan a Bradfield Scheme?

The One Nation ‘hybrid’ Bradfield Scheme is a Clayton’s Bradfield Scheme – the Bradfield Scheme you are having when you are not having a Bradfield Scheme.

One Nation committed in January 2017 to a ‘hybrid’ Bradfield Scheme approach to water security to drought-proof the State and made a number of public statements and a members bill mentioning Bradfield.  A Bradfield Scheme must, by definition surely, include the transfer of water from coastal rivers across the Great Dividing Range in order to benefit inland areas. It may optionally include transporting water to the Murray-Darling Basin. But the building of a scheme to transfer of water inland or to the MDB is not mentioned in the list of projects on the PHON water policy webpage.

One Nation will:

1. Support the Commonwealth in building additional capacity on the Burdekin catchment through raising the Burdekin Falls Dam supporting Townsville and the Galilee and Bowen Basins mining operations and Lower Burdekin irrigation.

2. Support the selection of storage options in the Fitzroy catchment.

3. Urgently examine the opportunities for dam level raising in the south-east.

4. Cost the Nathan Dam and pipelines project for water security for mining, power, urban and agriculture users in the Surat Coal Basin and Dawson-Callide region.

PHON Water Security policy

No mention of the transfer of water from coastal rivers across the Great Dividing Range in order to benefit inland areas or the Murray-Darling.

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NSW on-boards

Water security is at the centre of the NSW Nationals election pitch to regional NSW, with the deputy premier floating a decades-old multi-state inland irrigation plan at the party’s campaign launch.

Nationals leader John Barilaro on Sunday confirmed he would write to the prime minister this week to “start the discussion” on reviving the Bradfield scheme.

The government will invest $25 million to research the merits of the scheme, which would funnel water from Queensland, through NSW and into South Australia.

NSW govt’s water security cash splash
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