Monthly Archives: April 2006

Novel methods continue to improve prediction of species' distributions. 13

The recently published paper by Jane Elith and Catherine Graham”Novel methods improve prediction of species’ distributions from occurrence data” (EG06) is sure to be a landmark study in the field. EG06 compares 16 modeling methods using 226 well-surveyed species in 6 regions of the world. Measures of statistical skill on held back data show […]

How to start a science blog (scary version) 23

Having run across two recent notes on science blogs by academics, and written a post about the benefits of blogs to scientists here, I felt compelled to issue a warning for readers, that while there are positives and negatives to blogs — they just don’t get it. One called Environmental Science Adrift in the Blogosphere […]

Streaming environmental data management 8

The new [tag]WhyWhere[/tag] application is starting to work smoothly on [tag]large datasets[/tag] now ( I have added a list of all terrestrial data (All_Terrestrial), though there will be some errors until I clean that lot up, it should be usable. I have been thinking about how to deal with the numbers of data sets in […]