Monthly Archives: September 2006

Examples of Eviews Code 36

Eviews is one of the popular econometrics packages being used by research community and academicians. It is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based program compatible with Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Other popular econometrics packages include, SHAZAM, LIMDEP, SAS and GAUSS etc. Eviews is one of the most popular software for analyzing time series data. […]

Autocorrelation in GAM and GRASP 47

Autocorrelation in GAM and GRASP models is an important topic of discussion since these models are being widely used in predictive animal and plant distribution models in the discipline of ecology. The most widely used statistical models in the fields of ecological modeling, biodiversity and conservation are Generalized Linear Models (GLM) and GAM (General Additive […]

A Glossary of Content 4

Before launching into a controversial topic, it is a good idea to get the definition of terms straight, so I put together a glossary of forms of content found on the web. By no means complete, please feel free to add more. Content is a form of information, here referring mainly to text, or text […]

Nonstationary Statistics 19

Nonstationary processes have been defined as random processes whose statistical properties vary over time (see Stationary and Nonstationary Random Processes by Michael Haag). Nonstationary statistics presents a number of problems. For example, the definition of the power spectrum is a problem, as variation in properties is similar to low frequency noise. The following is the […]

When The Results Of The Research Are Controversial 12

In the field of biomedical research, people are often excited when the results of their research are controversial. However, it evoked limited attention when Cell, a scientific journal in the US, recently reported that some Japanese scientists at Kyoto University claimed that four genes or factors transformed mouse cells to act like ESCs (Ethical Embryonic […]

Circularity in Spreadsheets – Things to Consider 10

When you deal with spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel, circularities or circular references may lead to significant problems. Circularities in spreadsheets occur when one code requires information from another code, which requires the information from the first code. Patrick Burns, in his article on ‘Spreadsheet Addiction’ says that the spreadsheets that are available today, including Microsoft […]

New Business Analytics Project 6

Back after summer break, and deeply involved in a new project to apply niche modeling to business analytics in a completely novel way. One of the main problems confronting new business owners is defining their market niche. A market niche is a bit like art, you know it when you see it, that is, when […]