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Models of Greenhouse Effect 78

Here is a neat way to sum up a range of models of greenhouse effect using the overall energy balance equation of Miskolczi (M7). The energy balance equation represents two flux terms of equal magnitude, propagating into opposite directions, while using the same solar energy F as an energy source. The first term (Su-F) heats […]

Greenhouse Heat Engine

In reviewing the points of controversy raised here in Miskolczi’s controversial theory of (almost constant) greenhouse effect and the impossibility of runaway global warming, I thought about the role of convection. Convection is a heat engine. A heat engine is defined as a device that converts heat energy into mechanical energy. In this model, the […]

Chaitén Going Ultra-Plinian? 27

I have been watching the eruption of Mt Chaitén in Chile, South America very closely for the last few weeks. It appears as if it may produce a major eruption soon. The last known eruption was in 7420 BC ± 75. The progress of the 2008 eruption has been as follows. April 30: A significant […]

Greenhouse Effect Physics 10

Before delving into the fourth and final installment of Miskolczi’s controversial theory of the greenhouse effect, below is a slide depicting the relationships covered so-far. The last part, on radiative equilibrium, binds warming as a function of optical depth (or concentration of greenhouse gases) and will be a bit technical. Figure: The major relationships between […]

Modeling Global Warming (Miskolczi Part 1) 47

A very interesting theory of global warming proposed by the Hungarian mathematician Ferenc Miskolczi contains a simple proof that the greenhouse effect is bound to a fixed value and cannot ‘runaway’, or even increase. In order to understand, or audit, parts of the theory I step through a simplified version of the derivation of his […]

Euromodels run hot then cool then hot again 3

“NASA just released their new report on global warming or, as President Bush, calls it — Spring.” –Jay Leno The recent Science has an editorial by Richard Kerr, Mother Nature Cools the Greenhouse, But Hotter Times Still Lie Ahead. He reports on the results of short-term model runs at the Hadley Center in England showing […]