Monthly Archives: December 2008

The 10 worst warming predictions 4

New Year is the time to re-evaluate, and model predictions are no exception. Andrew Bolt has a list of how 10 climate predictions fared in 2008. Too triumphal for my taste, but worth a read, even if for the last line. Those, then, are the top 10 dud predictions of that hooting, screaming and screeching […]

New Forum Facility Added 12

A forum has been added using the software phpBB (link on menu bar above). This is a message board/community forum for landshape related issues. We are at the stage of needing this, as there are a number of interesting and lengthy discussions which are hard to do justice to in this format. As well, a […]

Carbon Credit Mission Impossible 17

Yesterday, the UN suspended a firm responsible for 50% of carbon-offset certifications, after a spot check carried out in early November at the firm’s headquarters revealed serious flaws in project management. As international climate talks began last week in Poland, the United Nations (UN) suspended the work of the main company that validates carbon-offset projects […]

Assumptions for linear regression 10

One of the main assumptions of linear regression is, ahem, linearity. Here is an example drawn from dendroclimatology, the reconstruction of past climates using tree rings, of the trouble one can get into by blindly assuming linearity. This subject was dealt with some time ago at ClimateAudit Upside-Down Quadratic Proxy Response. From the Summary of […]