Monthly Archives: August 2009

Sea Level Acceleration 37

Having now submitted a review of the empirical support for weakening of the Walker circulation to the Journal of Geophysical Research, I can get back to the “Is the sea level rise accelerating?” article. The abstract is below: No Significant Basis for Acceleration in Sea level Rise Last Century Abstract: Various authors have claimed that […]

No Weakening of the Walker 97

Below is the abstract of the manuscript I have been preparing. A draft is available via the contact form above if you are interested in helping out with feedback. Comments from the mysterious Dr Jones that prompted this manuscript are listed below. Update: Now Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research. Recent Data Show No Weakening […]

El Niño falters, climate models follow 62

From the BoM website: Summary: Mixed El Niño indicators as development slows The El Niño pattern across the Pacific has not intensified during the past fortnight. Furthermore, the coupling between the ocean and atmosphere which amplifies and maintains El Niño events has so far failed to eventuate. The neutral SOI and sub-surface cooling are evidence […]

Walker circulation and ENSO 38

A paper well worth reading on the relationship between the Walker circulation and ENSO is Weakening of the Walker Circulation and apparent dominance of El Nino both reach record levels, but has ENSO really changed?, by Scott Power of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and Ian Smith of CSIRO. It is very well written and […]

Errors Adding Up 89

David Appell writes in Scientific American of a number of recent errors in climate science data identified by bloggers, and how, though largely trivial, they are undermining the faith in AGW. While any error in science is important, and those identified should be swiftly corrected, my concern has always been non-trivial errors of statistics. My […]

Weekly Roundup 18

Last week I prepared a comment defending McLean’s SOI paper. I shall send it in shortly. Basically, I extend their analysis a little and show that the majority of variation in a linear regression model predicting global temperature (not differences) can be accounted for using SOI-related terms. The sorry-state of Dr. Hathaway’s prediction record is […]