Monthly Archives: December 2009

The New Zealand Effect in Australia? 5

Is there a “New Zealand Effect” in Australian data? Quite possibly. The Torok and Nicholls network of stations which can be downloaded from the BoM ftp site, not yet adjusted to produce the ‘official’ BoM version, shows little warming. The blue line is the ‘official’ BoM mean temperature, the black line is the mean for […]

Darwin Adjustments 75

Willis Eschenbach has written a comprehensive article on adjustments to temperature in Darwin, some increasing the rate of warming by as much as 5C/century. Thanks to readers I have the daily temperatures from the Torok and Nicholls network, and plotted their minimum, maximum and mean temperatures for Darwin. The rates of warming are 1.3C/century and […]

Torok and Nicholls Adjusted Network II 10

Continuing my preliminary look into the Torok and Nicholls Adjusted Network of Australian temperatures, I now focus on the mean monthly minimum temperatures. As shown in the previous post, maximum temperatures are flat from 1850 to the 1990s, only the minimums show global warming. The annual means usually shown are based on the average of […]

Torok and Nicholls Adjusted Network 38

Digging deeper into the Australian Temperature Adjustments, below are data from 224 stations in the Torok and Nicholls network. It looks like most of the increase in Australian temperature in the last 150 years is due to a step-like increase in the mean annual minimum temperature since 1975! CA examined the sometimes considerable adjustments of […]