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Moncktons argument 113

Monckton’s main argument seems to be represented by the statement that climate sensitivity to CO2 has been overestimated by the IPCC by around 6-7 times, giving exaggerated projections of warming for a business as usual scenario of CO2 emissions. The IPCC range is around 2-6C degrees warming by 2100, and Monckton’s is 0.5C. While he […]

IPCC omissions on species extinctions 4

WUWT reports in The IPCC: More Sins of Omission – Telling the Truth but Not the Whole Truth the greatest failing of the IPCC, if not environmental sciences. The article describes how the effects of climate change on climate, hunger and water storage are misrepresented to exaggerate negative effects. Here I show that the same […]

Monckton, Plimer Tour Dates 5

Historic. Not to be missed. I will be at the Brisbane events. Come and say hi. SYDNEY Wednesday 27 January, 12:15, Luncheon, The Union Club, SOLD OUT 17:30 Public lecture, Sheraton on the Park download PDF contact: John Smeed, phone or SMS 0417 269 216 NEWCASTLE Thursday 28 January 12:30 Public lecture, Newcastle City […]

Secrecy – rebuttal 16

An opinion on the The Social Cost of Transparency — a defense of secrecy — was given by an Australian economist on Mish’s blog. Steve Keen says: One quick perusal of that article and I could consign it to neoclassical gibberish. The key giveaway is in the first sentence of the abstract: “I study a […]

Disproving Global Warming 23

JoNova noticed a Canberra Times article that the Tasmanian drought may not be due to global warming after all. Are there any predictions of global warming that have proven true? WUWT has a list of spectacular failures, and is calling on readers to add more. All of the successful ‘predictions’ I have seen have been […]

In Praise of Secrecy 9

Concluding that: Approaching the problem under the premise that fuller transparency is always desirable may not be the right place to start. an article On the Social Cost of Transparency in Monetary Economies from the St Louis Fed explains why secrecy and non-disclosure of data may be advantageous. For an asset economy then, the prescription […]

Rahmstorf Reamed 32

The Australian reports a major new controversy after Britain’s Met Office denounced research from Stefan Rahmstorf suggesting that sea levels may increase by more than 1.8m by 2100. Jason Lowe, a leading Met Office climate researcher, said: “We think such a big rise by 2100 is actually incredibly unlikely. The mathematical approach used to calculate […]

More Climate Illogic 35

As any financial analyst knows, fools and their tools can find confirmation for any pet theory. The only route to certitude is falsification. Realclimate shows numerous examples of confirmation bias in their recent article. In particular, gavin dicusses an update to Hansen’s famous graph of projections made back in 1984. They ‘confirm’ that scenario B […]

Recent Climate Illogic 9

Environment minister Peter Garratt claimed recent figures on Australian temperature prove Opposition leader Tony Abbott was wrong to claim that the world had stopped warming. Substitute Australia for the World, and the last 100 years for 10 years, and you might get close to the actual claim, similar to that made by respected climate physicist […]