Monthly Archives: July 2010

An Astrophysicist Sums Up 15

Excerpts from the three part series below. A significant amount of evidence indicates that the global temperature did increase during the 20th century. For example, direct thermometer measurements indicate that the temperature increased by perhaps 0.8°C. … In summary, there is no direct evidence showing that CO2 caused the 20th century warming, or as a […]

High Quality Climate Data, Not! 12

Ken Stewart has released his much awaited review of the Australian High Quality Sites. His conclusion: The High Quality data does NOT give an accurate record of Australian temperatures over the last 100 years. BOM has produced a climate record that can only be described as a guess. The best we can say about Australian […]

Validation of Climate Models – the missing link 36

Validation of climate models is like finding someone to cement your drive. You ask one contractor, and they say they can do it, sometime between now and Christmas. That’s a high level of uncertainty. You ask another, and they say they can do it, but it’s their first time. That’s a low level of skill. […]

Monthly Roundup 12

The Age reports that Climategate was a game changer. Judith Curry said Dr Jones had shown himself to be ”genuinely repentant, and has been completely open and honest about what has been done and why … speaking with humility about the uncertainty in the data sets”. So far its a case of the academic defense: […]