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IAC Report – finally a ray of light! 12

In the IAC Report released today, Working Group II comes in for particular criticism. Working Group II assesses the vulnerability of socioeconomic and natural systems to climate change, negative and positive consequences of climate change, and options for adapting to it. The vindicates what I have been saying, that the worst of climate alarmism comes […]

About 19

This site since 2006 has dealt with current scientific issues, through feedback or drawing attention to articles — perhaps even your own! We prefer articles that show a fascination with evidence from numbers — that share the passion — and welcome critical feedback as a path to knowledge. The range of topics considered is wide, […]

How Bad are the Models – UHI 7

Urban areas differ from rural areas in a number of well known ways, but the IPCC summaries maintain that these effects have been effectively removed when they talk about the recent (post 1960) increases in global surface temperature. Continuing the series on how bad climate models really are, another paper is in the pipeline on […]