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Government Science 11

I’m seeing a few articles on Government-sponsored science lately that seem particularly applicable to the climate change research: A short review of Economic Laws of Scientific Research links to an overview of the area, particularly the Cato Institute Scientists may love government money, and politicians may love the power its expenditure confers upon them, but […]

Audit the BoM 8

Kenskingdom demonstrates again the wisdom of ‘trust, but verify': I compared the adjusted [Australian Temperature] data with the raw data of these 34 stations. Here are the results, and they are perplexing. * I was expecting to find a stronger warming trend in the urban data than the 100 non-urban sites. WRONG. * I was […]

Climate Models Falsified 9

From Roger Pielke Sr: Writing in 2005, Hansen, Willis, Schmidt et al. suggested that GISS model projections had been verified by a solid decade of increasing ocean heat (1993 to 2003). This was regarded as further confirmation the IPCC’s AGW hypothesis. Their expectation was that the earth’s climate system would continue accumulating heat more or […]

Drought Paper Published 13

Published drought paper here and preprint here. Citation: Stockwell, David R.B., 2010. Critique of Drought Models in the Australian Drought Exceptional Circumstances Report (DECR), Energy & Environment, 21:5, 425-436, DOI:10.1260/0958-305X.21.5.425, Link:

Queensland Drought Comparisons 23

In 2009, the Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence prepared a series of reports detailing projected climate changes for 13 regions throughout Queensland. The reports provide a high-level summary of projected changes and an accessible overview of the potential impacts to a wide audience, including: # a tendency for less rainfall, particularly in central and […]


Projected future runoff of the Breede River under climate change 6

More evidence of worthless model predictions from CO2 Science: All of the future flow-rates calculated by Steynor et al. exhibited double-digit negative percentage changes that averaged -25% for one global climate model and -50% for another global climate model; and in like manner the mean past trend of four of Lloyd’s five stations was also […]

Matt Ridley on AGW 5

Matt Ridley’s article sensibly concludes that the likely outcome is very mild AGW. So I have concluded that global warming will most probably be a fairly minor problem – at least compared with others such as poverty and habitat loss – for nature as well as people. After watching the ecologically and economically destructive policies […]

Long-time temperature variations in Portugal over the last 140 years and the effect of the solar activity 40

A recipe for more reliable climate correlations with solar factors – use long temperature records such as Portugal for 140 years (from 1865 to 2005). Another study showing around half of decadal to centennial variations in temperature can be attributed to Cosmic Ray Flux. Monthly averaged temperature series have been analyzed together with monthly North-Atlantic […]

More Tropical Inflow 6

Another example today of an upper atmosphere trough (note the kink in the isobars and the embedded high in the centre) dragging in tropical moisture at altitude. This is a major source of widespread rains.



Bucket Analogy for Spencer’s Feedbacks 15

The latest paper by Roy Spencer claiming negative feedback from AGW really has the alarmists choking on their baguettes, so I thought I would try to explain it with an analogy. Feedbacks represent a secondary effect, but its not that much harder to understand with the following analogy. Imagine the atmosphere as a bucket. Short-wave […]

CSIRO Mk3 Model Performance 7

On the comparisons of Climate Models from Douglass et al here is a table showing how well(?) the CSIRO Mark 3 model performed. In layers near 5 km, the modelled trend is 100 to 300% higher than observed, and, above 8 km, modelled and observed trends have opposite signs. The raw data are from […]