Monthly Archives: November 2010

Drought Oops 12

Global warming probably didn’t cause the drought in Australia’s South-East Queensland according to a new paper from CSIRO. Apparently the drought was caused when a discombobulation of the ENSO Modoki teleconnection transmogrified the rainfall into a distillation of the Johnny Walker spirulation at the convention center on Hayman Island during the post-positive phase of Pacific […]

Happy Birthday Climategate! 43

As they used to say about the assassination of President Kennedy, “I remember where I was when I heard about it.” My first post a few days later was entitled Climategate. More was done in Climategate than in all the rebuttals of climate science alarmism that have been published. So many things have changed since […]

Altering the weather data 35

JN reports another study confirming the finding that alterations to Australian raw weather data have increased the official trend by over 30%. A recent submission to the arXiv archive suggests that altering the data to “inflate and dramatize weather conditions” may have a long tradition. The Weather and its Role in Captain Robert F. Scott […]