Monthly Archives: December 2010

Emerald Floods 2010 35

Right now I am in Emerald, Qld., Australia with choppers droning constantly overhead in the middle of a flood event, having spent the last few days bagging sand for friends’ houses. I have been through this a few times now, having grown up in country areas. I want to document how poorly BoM modeling has […]

The Cost of Green Schemes 7

Another day, another half-baked green scheme busted as $150 million is blown on a clean coal scheme. Common sense tells us that burning a bulk substance, only to recapture it and return it back to where it came from will be very expensive. And, OMG, that’s what they found. Its a good example of moral […]

Sensitivity to CO2 ex oceans 40

A very interesting couple of graphs were posted by Bill Illis here. The sensitivity of the climate system to CO2 (or its doubling) has often been estimated from the left-over warming after removing natural variations. Bill uses a very simple and straightforward approach of fitting a regression of the atmospheric temperature from RSS to selected […]

Warming in Antarctica – Who was right? 8

What did they say about warming in Antarctica? In a review by Professor Will Steffen, Australian National University, commissioned by the Department of Climate Change and a major input to Labor government policy advanced also by Senator Wong in her discussions with Senator Fielding: “Climate Change 2009: Faster Change & More Serious Risks” A recent […]