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Bicarb-drug Combos 3

Below is a comment I received from an active cancer researcher, who runs an interesting blog called biopolyverse. As for the bicarb thing, there is a lot of current interest in the microenvironment of solid tumors and its effect on tumor cell growth, survival, and metastasis – and low pH may indeed help them along. […]

Scientific Evidence for Baking Soda Treatment of Cancer 41

This post will probably cement my reputation as a crank after the one on Rossi. I followed up on claims from some natural health web sites that Sodium Bicarbonate, Baking Soda, NaHCO3 could have a beneficial effect in cancer. There are no shortage of web sites purportedly by MDs stating there is “no evidence of […]

Renewables? Wake up and smell the Rossi 8

The path UP the carbon tax slippery slope has never been made clearer, than when Greens deputy Christine Milne said “I certainly recognize that you are going to need a price at A$40 or more to shift from coal to gas and then a higher price still for gas to renewables.” The Green’s junior partner, […]

Rejoinder to Geoff Davies at ABC Unleashed 7

Hansen Redux: service and disservice. We thank Dr Davies for his response to our recent Drum article, as it provides an opportunity to discuss additional elements of the long, but interesting paper by Dr James Hansen. There are many areas where we agree: the main being that most computer models of climate (1) have over-estimated […]

Climate Sceptics Vindicated 3

Two articles in two major journals validate the sceptic’s efforts to improve scientific processes. Nature: After months of soul-searching, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has agreed on reforms intended to restore confidence in its integrity and its assessments of climate science. Scientific American: Scientific American has just published an interview with physicist Dr. […]


Grímsvötn Ultra-Plinian 9

The Grímsvötn has apparently gone ultra-Plinian with stratosphere reaching plumes to 20km. Wiki lists a VEI 6 eruption of this volcano in 8230 BC, so this has the potential to be a massive climate-impacting eruption on at least the scale of Mt Pinatubo. HT Ron de Haan

Brilliant Thinking 7

Families burned by solar subsidies… Quakers Hill father Steve Gross is one of 120,000 families across the state who thought he was onto a winner when he signed up to the then Labor government’s solar bonus scheme last September. The maintenance fitter and his wife, Angelina, decided that with the government’s subsidy and the promise […]

Failure to Fearmonger 5

Failure to stress Hansen’s fear-mongering theory is misrepresentation of climate science and poor scholarship, according to ANU scholar. The Cox-Stockwell commentary misrepresents Hansen’s role and his intention in posting the draft paper. I recommend some of the comments. Not only does this appear NOT to be “well understood”, it appears to be highly questionable if […]

Science says no to the climate computers 6

Anthony Cox and I have an article in the Newcastle Herald today. In a recent draft paper Dr James Hansen, the world’s leading expert on computer modelling of the climate, has acknowledged that the climate computers (GCMs) have been wrong about a fundamental aspect of climate.

Social Networking for Skeptics 9

A new site has been launched here, to cater to the needs of citizen scientists for sharing of information. From the site: You can connect by creating new groups (public or private) for hosting forums on topics of your choice. You can upload and share group documents. Advertise events, with Google maps and even manage […]

Climate Models Fatally Flawed 2

As people read the fine-print in the latest epistle from Hansen, the high priest of the global warming religion and defender of creation, they are finding a confession that the net man-made effects on climate have been greatly exaggerated by computer models. This has been posted on so-far by HS in James Hansen admits man-made […]

From a Bright Young Climate Scientist 16

I’m beginning to wonder if I picked the right career, or perhaps I’m coming down with a touch of the climate change denial syndrome. When I enrolled in an Integrated Climate Change Studies degree I was convinced that knowledge-based solutions to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases were the most important thing I could be doing […]