Monthly Archives: June 2011

GBR not endangered 12

Any climate sceptic who takes on a debate in Australia encounters the GBR argument: even if the climate isn’t warming we are going to lose The Reef! This study finds a far more nuanced situation, with no catastrophe in progress. In conclusion, precise estimates of coral cover from a dedicated monitoring program revealed that system-wide […]

Global Warming is a False Alarm 2

Roy Spencer provides more “Evidence that Global Warming is a False Alarm: A Model Simulation of the last 40 Years of Deep Ocean Warming.” Yes, in Hansen’s worldview he thinks he KNOWS with certainty what the climate sensitivity is, and that it is pretty high. In that case, for a given amount of warming, you […]

NASA: LENR Most Promising Energy Alternative 36

Dennis Bushnell: The most interesting, and promising, at this point, in the farther term, but maybe not so far, is low-energy nuclear reactions [LENR]. This has come out of [22] years of people producing energy but not knowing what it is — and we think we have a theory on it. It’s producing beta decay […]