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Peak Nothing: No sign of resource limitations 7

The ‘Hubbert’s Peak’ approach to oil reserves has fostered the notion that resource-limitation has already begun. Contrary to the assumptions of sustainability, this analysis of existing production of 16 resources finds no evidence of such limitation. Dr James Rustad promptly sent me an excel spreadsheet with the calculations for gold, a mineral not shown in […]



A Calibrated Water Tank 34

The dynamics of a surge tank, used to suppress damaging over-pressure in fluid lines, is described by a simple ordinary differential equation (ODE) the same as eqn. 1 in the recent paper by Spencer and Brasswell, “On the Misdiagnosis of Surface Temperature Feedbacks from Variations in Earth’s Radiant Energy Balance”, so very generally applicable to […]

Prof. Brian O’Brian: frightened at the exaggerations 3

Professor J. Brian O’Brian, a respected Australian rocket scientist, interviewed by Richard Fidler on the ABC, on his contribution to Apollo 11 mission, the nature of moon dust, caving, and the corruption of science by climate change. But the funding for climate change research was only going to what you’d call ‘true believers’, when that […]


BoMs Climate Hockey Stick 32

The results of the Australian Temperature Record analyzed by kenskingdom posted as a series from July 2010 show an antipodean hockey stick. When the results of the official homogeneity adjustments are compared with the raw data, there is a discrepancy of over 40%. Ken has had ongoing correspondence with BOM, and an apology on behalf […]

Australian Government Debt 16

The growth of debt continues. Here is the most recent Government Securities on Issue. An earlier Government Debt Chart over a period covering the previous, conservative government is here. While the Coalition payed off debt, Labor has created more debt, quadrupling since they took power, ensuring their reputation as the worst financial managers in recent […]


Global Warming Predictions for Australia 9

Once there were alarmists who constructed theoretical, unvalidated global warming predictions for Australia. Then there were the skeptics who asked, “Where is the evidence?”, and “How good are these models?” The alarmists were backed by the UN, the entire machinery of Government, the CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, state departments, professors at universities, scientific bodies, […]

ABC Bans the Lord? 7

The ABC apparently pulled its scheduled transmission of the debate and replaced it with the Tour de France. See the banned debate here. I thought Denniss was adequate if downbeat, but this censorship is unconscionable. Could this be payback for Monckton calling for the defunding of the ABC in Ballarat, or Australian media censorship as […]

Monckton vs Denniss Press Club Debate 12

Currently watching the debate. Monckton is more entertaining. Questions about his status as a Lord. Denniss is solid too. Generous applause for both. Good to see. Gillard: “Coal mining has a great future in this country.” She is so unconvincing. The liar label has stuck. Monckton played the three characteristics of persuasion: Pathos (emotion), logos […]

Carbon Tax Ad 5

The first carbon tax ad downplays the risks of global warming so much, its plaintive (transcript here). Climate change is predicted to lead to further rises in temperature, rises in sea levels and some extreme weather events becoming more common, making life more difficult. Where are the crippling heat waves, the endless droughts, the 30m […]

Reform Gillard Style 9

Has there ever been a bloat like this before? Just think of all those possies for their mates (and Bob and Christine’s mates)! And just the fun they will be able to have with other people’s money (nuclear and CCS proponents are urged – forced – to stay away). These agencies are: o Clean Energy […]

Sea Level Rise Debate 16

Global sea level must accelerate beyond the less than 3mm/yr rise presently to produce rises of a meter or more put out by the Australian Government fear-mongers. Challenges to the main basis for the 1 meter projections just posted on RC Is sea level rise accelerating? shows just how lame the defense of these catastrophic […]