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Rossi’s E-Cat: A Black Swan Event? 12

Interest in cold fusion among the establishment science has always been lukewarm, to say the least. Nobel-winning physicist Brian Josephson left a comment about Rossi’s test on Nature Magazine’s Seven days: 21–27 October 2011, that failed to report on the 1MW E-Cat test (on the 28th). The real news is happening today in Bologna, where […]

1MW Test of E-Cat Today 8

Some links of interest for following the test of Rossi’s 1MW cold fusion reactor. Daniele Passerini twitter feed (in Italian). Google Reader will translate it for you. He just claimed that Associated Press has the exclusive rights to the test today, so this one will get coverage. Peswiki updates. I will add more links as […]

rossi 1mw test

No Longer any Justification for a Carbon Tax 30

The main justification for a Carbon Tax has been that it is necessary in order to make lower-carbon technologies competitive with coal and gas. However, recent persuasive demonstrations of copious energy generation from a new technology based on a non-carbon nickel/hydrogen system show just how wrong this assumption is. A significant announcement today from Defkalion, […]

Hermain Cain 20% Up on GOP Contenders 10

Wow. Herman Cain is now 20% in front of his nearest GOP rival Mitt Romney. That’s 10% up in the last week. His message. 9-9-9. 999 is the emergency number for a number of countries (but not the US where the number is 911). Herman Cain has a degree in mathematics. Cain’s 9-9-9 video concludes […]

Labor-Greens-Independent message to 4500 Australians: P*** Off 10

Menzies House reports on the latest efforts to suppress opposition to the Carbon Tax, as around 4500 Australians opposed to the carbon tax have had their submissions to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation rejected out of hand. The 4500 number was stated by Senator Birmingham on his website: This rushed […]

Renewables: Dumbest f***ing idea I have ever heard 20

Paraphrasing Steve Jobs — reasons not to pursue renewables: 1. Anti-environment. Increasing the concentration of generation allows larger areas of land to be retained in their natural state. In contrast, harvesting of land for biomass, wind or solar or energy damages more land. Advocates of renewable energy damn the natural environment with ugly, dangerous solar […]


Rossi NyTeknik Report 4

The NyTeknik Rossi report, translated to English. As in previous tests, the start-up was effected by heating the E-cat with an electrical resistor at about 2.7 kilowatts, this time for about four hours, in order to achieve, according to Rossi, sufficient stability. The power to the resistor was then switched off, and the reactor functioned […]

Sweet Thursday for Rossi Followers 10

Initial reports of the ongoing test of Rossi’s ECat in Italy are positive. The 1MW unit was also on display. Having followed this story from the beginning, maintaining The Future is not Green, but Grey I congratulate Mr Rossi and all involved. Lets see, some likely, and not so likely, predictions: There will be a […]


Reactor Self Sufficiency 6

Staying up following the twitter feed of Rossi’s event here by Daniele Passerini ( Its in Italian, but if you subscribe in Google Reader, it will be translated. 10:08pm 22passi: Reactor self-sufficiency! More info: Wired is first: