Monthly Archives: November 2011

Precautionary Principle as Deus ex machina 8

Andrew Bolt picked up on one of the emails from Climategate 2 that gives a fascinating insight into the collusion between academia and the WWF in the manufacturing of environmental scares. It also shows the role of the precautionary principle as a “deus ex machina”, a device of dubious merit for solving tricky problems in […]

Cold Fusion, in Walmart Soon. 8

To some, the Rossi E-Cat device has come out of nowhere, perhaps fueling the skepticism. This article in the Nebraska Engineer (blog) lists a number of competitors that may soon have marketable applications. These include 1. Andre Rossi, who is keeping ahead of the pack by promising an electricity generator within a year. 2. Defkalion […]

Climategate Bits 2

Have you listened to the Ray Hadley audio here ripping into Tim Flannery? Bolt doesn’t go into detail, but its well worth the 20min listen. Apparently Flannery fabricated the whole Crikey story about a media setup over his Hawksbury River house, with interviews with the local resident in question to prove it. Ray calls him […]

IPCC Report on Extreme Events 10

On IPCC scientists test the Exit doors. Professor Palutikof said it would take a while for the effects of climate change to become visible. But without action, she said, “gradually, over time, that signal will emerge with resounding clarity”. Well that’s inconvenient, isn’t it? So how about anomalous heat in the ocean, the melting of […]

Things of Interest 6

New E-Cat website here. Nice. Patronizing essay at the Conversation. My guess is that as the “Climate Crisis” continues to fizzle, the less gullible skeptical scientists will take a more prominent place. The credibility of CSIRO, BoM and Astronomers will likely suffer for the certainty they have voiced, their deference to the IPCC, and defense […]