Monthly Archives: January 2012

Newt Kills South Carolina Primary 10

Newt Gingrich recovered strongly to pip Romney at the post for the South Carolina Primary in a race with a number of reversals, shown clearly in the Gallup Daily Poll above. In the end it wasn’t close with Newt 40 to Mitt 28%, as shown on this cool Google App. So the race of 2012 […]

Iowa Primary Win Reversed – Santorum by 34 Votes 9

The GOP primaries race took another twist on a recount today, with the reversal of the win by 8 votes by Romney in Iowa, to a win by Santorum by 34 votes. The score for Romney is now 0-1, spoiling his chance of a hat-trick win in South Carolina. The Gallup daily tracking poll today […]

Ron Paul’s Australian Support 11

Support for Ron Paul’s ideas is growing in Australia as shown by some recent pro-Paul posts at prominent blog sites: Jennifer Marohasy Ron Paul for US President, On-line Opinion Left’s Profitable Pauline Conversion JoNova and In 2002 Ron Paul saw the next ten years coming. Further support can be seen on Facebook, with of the […]

Behind the Poll Numbers, Ron Pauls Support 6

Two things I have noticed while tracking polls that differentiate Ron Paul’s from the others. The way support for Ron Paul is firming from the twitter tracking Eg. Support for Mittens has a tendency to droop suddenly, with tweets about him dropping almost to zero, but RP stays firm throughout. I think people are running […]

Snowballing Bias and Corruption 12

One of the themes we have dealt with repeatedly is bias: in global warming reporting and research, especially statistical bias. Bias in the media against the Ron Paul campaign is becoming a big issue. Above is a clip of people telling Dana Bash, a CNN news reporter, what they thought of her biased reporting. One […]

Ron Paul on Global Warming 15

November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview: “I try to look at global warming the same way I look at all other serious issues: as objectively and open-minded as possible. There is clear evidence that the temperatures in some parts of the globe are rising, but temperatures are […]

Now its Romney vs Paul 17

What an exciting days racing in New Hampshire in the Tour de President! As expected, Mitt Romney in the yellow jersey after his (disputed) win in Iowa, with his lycra and billion-dollar techno-bike, opened up a commanding gap from the peloton, but Ron Paul riding his $10 Malvern star and air force scrubs stayed with […]


Two New Numerate Blogs 5

A couple of new entries in the links section: Sabermetric Research does it own sports research and reviews statistical studies of sports research. I added this after reading one of my Chrissy gifts – Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game – by Michael Lewis, now a movie starring Brad Pitt, a David vs […]