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Perth 1940 Max Min Daily Temps 16

Previous posts have introduced the work that Chris Gillham is doing in spot auditing the accuracy of the Bureau of Meteorology’s temperature records. He has now re-recorded the daily max and min temperatures from one Australian weather station for one year, Perth 9034 in 1940, using original sources in The West Australian newspaper. Below is […]


Perth 1940 Jan-Dec – Errors 5

Chris Gillham has completed re-digitizing one years worth of the daily temperature records for Perth in 1940 (perth-1940-actual-raw). These are digitised for all of 1940 at Perth Regional Office 9034 from temperatures published in The West Australian newspaper. While the majority of the temperatures agree with contemporary BoM data, up to a third of the […]

Rewriting the Temperature Records – Adelaide 1912 9

Record temperature always make the news, with climate alarmists trumpeting any record hot day. But what if the historic record temperatures recorded by BoM were adjusted down, and recent records were not records at all? More detective work using old newspapers by Chis Gillham in Adelaide this time. The BoM claims the hottest ever Feb […]


perth 1940 discrepancies

Perth 1940 Jan-Mar Historic Comparisons 5

Continuing the comparison of historic sources of temperature and contemporary records, Chris Gillham has compiled a list of maximum and minimum daily temperatures for Perth for the months of January, February and March 1940 and uncovered some strange discrepancies (highlighted – all months at perth-newspapers-mar-qtr-1940). Chris notes that while BoM’s contemporary temperatures largely agree with […]

Comparison of historic temperature with BoMs record 6

Siliggy has pulled a simple list of maximum temperatures for Adelaide from old newspapers early last century then compared to the BOM records for that time. In most cases the BoM records are 1.5C cooler that the current record. What a clear demonstration of how much they have been adjusted down — equal to the […]

Should the ABS take over the BoM? 4

I read an interesting article article about Peter Martin, head of the Australian Bureau of Statistics. He has a refreshing, mature attitude to his job. ‘I want people to challenge our data – that’s a good thing, it helps us pick things up,’ he says. Big contrast to the attitude of Climate Scientists. Examples that […]

Dynamical vs Statistical Models Battle Over ENSO 19

There is a battle brewing between dynamical and statistical models. The winner will be determined when the current neural ENSO conditions resolve into an El Nino or not in the current months. The International Research Institute for Climate and Society compares the predictions of ensembles of each type of model here. Although most of the […]


Screening on the dependent, auto-correlated variable 3

To screen or not to screen? The question arises in the context of selecting which sets of tree-rings to use for millennial temperature reconstructions. One side, represented by CA, says screening is just plain wrong: In the last few days, readers have drawn attention to relevant articles discussing closely related statistical errors under terms like […]

“This is commonly referred to as ‘research’” – Gergis 3

Just what is the ‘research’ that Gergis claims to have done? And what are the sceptics complaining about? The ‘research’ claimed by the Gergis team is captured in the following graphical representation of the past temperature of the Australiasn region. The hockey stick shape has also been produced using similar methods and random […]


Gergis’ hockeystick “on hold” 11

You may by now have heard here or here that “Evidence of unusual late 20th century warming from an Australasian temperature reconstruction spanning the last millennium” by Joelle Gergis, Raphael Neukom, Stephen Phipps, Ailie Gallant and David Karoly, has been put “on-hold” by the Journal, due to “an issue” in the processing of the data […]