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The Widening Gap Between Present Global Temperature and IPCC Model Projections 16

An increase in global temperature required to match the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projections is becoming increasingly unlikely. A shift to a mean projected pathway of 3 degrees increase by the end of the century would require an immediate, large, and sustained increase in temperature which seems physically impossible. Global surface temperatures have […]

Q: Where Do Climate Models Fail? A: Almost Everywhere 5

“How much do I fail thee. Let me count the ways” Ben Santer’s latest model/observation comparison paper demonstrates that climate realists were right and climate models exaggerate warming: The multimodel average tropospheric temperature trends are outside the 5–95 percentile range of RSS results at most latitudes. Where do the models fail? 1. Significantly warmer than […]


Santer: Climate Models are Exaggerating Warming – We Don’t Know Why 28

Ben Santer’s latest model/observation comparison paper in PNAS finally admits what climate realists have been been saying for years — climate models are exaggerating warming. From the abstract: On average, the models analyzed … overestimate the warming of the troposphere. Although the precise causes of such differences are unclear… Their figure above shows the massive […]