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“This is commonly referred to as ‘research’” – Gergis 4

Just what is the ‘research’ that Gergis claims to have done? And what are the sceptics complaining about? The ‘research’ claimed by the Gergis team is captured in the following graphical representation of the past temperature of the Australiasn region. The hockey stick shape has also been produced using similar methods and random […]


Gergis’ hockeystick “on hold” 11

You may by now have heard here or here that “Evidence of unusual late 20th century warming from an Australasian temperature reconstruction spanning the last millennium” by Joelle Gergis, Raphael Neukom, Stephen Phipps, Ailie Gallant and David Karoly, has been put “on-hold” by the Journal, due to “an issue” in the processing of the data […]

10 of 11 emails not threats

ANU Climate Science girlie-men exaggerated the threats as well: In a six-page ruling made last week, Mr Pilgrim found that 10 of 11 documents, all emails, “do not contain threats to kill” and the other “could be regarded as intimidating and at its highest perhaps alluding to a threat”.

Levitus data on ocean forcing confirms skeptics, falsifies IPCC 34

The IPCC, in the AR4 working group one, stated what could be called the central claim of global warming, the estimate of the net radiative forcing. “The understanding of anthropogenic warming and cooling influences on climate has improved since the TAR, leading to very high confidence that the effect of human activities since 1750 has […]

Finkelstein the new face of totalitarianism 30

Members of the Independent Inquiry into Media Regulation at Sydney University. In the middle is Chair of Inquiry Ray Finkelstein centre, Chris Young (left) and Prof. Matthew Ricketson (right) When I started in 2005 fighting to defend normal scientific standards over the exaggerations and biases of climate science extremism, I never thought it would end […]

Scafetta vs the IPCC 6

Great new application from WUWT contrasts the predictions of two models of global warming, Scafetta’s empirical resonance model and the IPCC general circulation models. I was asked to make sense of this from Rahmstorf and Foster:, referenced here at RC: I haven’t read the paper in detail, and I find I have to […]

Snowballing Bias and Corruption 12

One of the themes we have dealt with repeatedly is bias: in global warming reporting and research, especially statistical bias. Bias in the media against the Ron Paul campaign is becoming a big issue. Above is a clip of people telling Dana Bash, a CNN news reporter, what they thought of her biased reporting. One […]

Ron Paul on Global Warming 15

November 20, 2008 Ron Paul said in a New York Times / Freakonomics interview: “I try to look at global warming the same way I look at all other serious issues: as objectively and open-minded as possible. There is clear evidence that the temperatures in some parts of the globe are rising, but temperatures are […]

Precautionary Principle as Deus ex machina 8

Andrew Bolt picked up on one of the emails from Climategate 2 that gives a fascinating insight into the collusion between academia and the WWF in the manufacturing of environmental scares. It also shows the role of the precautionary principle as a “deus ex machina”, a device of dubious merit for solving tricky problems in […]

Climategate Bits 2

Have you listened to the Ray Hadley audio here ripping into Tim Flannery? Bolt doesn’t go into detail, but its well worth the 20min listen. Apparently Flannery fabricated the whole Crikey story about a media setup over his Hawksbury River house, with interviews with the local resident in question to prove it. Ray calls him […]

IPCC Report on Extreme Events 10

On IPCC scientists test the Exit doors. Professor Palutikof said it would take a while for the effects of climate change to become visible. But without action, she said, “gradually, over time, that signal will emerge with resounding clarity”. Well that’s inconvenient, isn’t it? So how about anomalous heat in the ocean, the melting of […]

Hermain Cain 20% Up on GOP Contenders 11

Wow. Herman Cain is now 20% in front of his nearest GOP rival Mitt Romney. That’s 10% up in the last week. His message. 9-9-9. 999 is the emergency number for a number of countries (but not the US where the number is 911). Herman Cain has a degree in mathematics. Cain’s 9-9-9 video concludes […]

Labor-Greens-Independent message to 4500 Australians: P*** Off 10

Menzies House reports on the latest efforts to suppress opposition to the Carbon Tax, as around 4500 Australians opposed to the carbon tax have had their submissions to the Joint Select Committee on Australia’s Clean Energy Future Legislation rejected out of hand. The 4500 number was stated by Senator Birmingham on his website: This rushed […]

Renewable Energy 8

Which is better for the environment: renewable energies, oil, gas, coal or nuclear energy? The environmental damage caused by energy sources can be measured by their ‘footprint’ — the area required to produce a specific amount of energy. An article in Forbes lists the energy produced per unit area of major energy sources, from which […]

Shaviv and Pielke on Climate Science in 2011 9

Nir Shaviv is an astrophysicist who wrote some of the more interesting studies showing the role of Gamma Ray Flux (GRF) on climate change, now belatedly being acknowledged by the climate establishment. He gives some advice to students here: Stay away from Climate Science until you are tenured or retired! My point is that because […]


Sea level rise projections bias 13

Sea levels, recently updated with 10 new data-points, reinforce the hiatus described as a ‘pothole’ by Josh Willis of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., who says you can blame the pothole on the cycle of El Niño and La Niña in the Pacific: This temporary transfer of large volumes of water from the oceans […]

FFT of TSI and Global Temperature 15

This is the application of the work-in-progress Fast Fourier Transform algorithm by Bart coded in R on the total solar irradiance (TSI via Lean 2000) and global temperature (HadCRU). The results show (PDF) that the atmosphere is sufficiently sensitive to variations in solar insolation for these to cause recent (post 1950) warming and paleowarming. The […]


Sinusoidal Wave in Global Temperature 62

A dynamic way of looking at global temperature is to plot it in phase space, which is usually with the position on the x axis and velocity on the y axis. Below is the phase space graph of global temperature since 1996 with temperature on the x axis and change in temperature on the y […]


NIWA’s Station Temperature Adjustments – CCG Audit 12

The New Zealand Climate Conversation Group have released their report and reanalysis of the NIWA 7-Station Review. CCG claim NIWA misrepresented the statistical techniques it used, and exaggerated warming over the last hundred years. The CCG results (Figure 20 above) prove there are real problems in the adjustments to temperature measurements for moves and equipment […]

niwa temp adjustments


Global Warming Trends – Gimme Some Truth 15

Richard Treadgold from the New Zealand Climate Conversation Group reports on the Statistical Audit of the NIWA 7-Station Review, claiming that New Zealand’s National Climate Center, NIWA, misrepresented the statistical techniques it used (Rhoades & Salinger – Adjustment of temperature and rainfall records for site changes) in order to fabricate strong warming over the last […]

Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered 23

The point of this post is to show a calculation by guest, Pochas, of the decay time that should be expected from the accumulation of heat in the mixed layer of the ocean. I realized this prediction gives another test of the accumulation theory of climate change, that potentially explains high climate sensitivity to variations […]

Solar Supersensitivity – a new theory? 10

Do the results described here and here constitute a new theory? What is the relationship to the AGW theory? What is a theory anyway? The models I have been exploring, dubbed solar supersensitivity, predict a lot of global temperature observations: the dynamics of recent and paleoclimate climate variations, the range of glacial/interglacial transitions, the recent […]