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Book: Niche Modeling 1

Using theory, applications, and examples of inferences, Niche Modeling: Predictions from Statistical Distributions demonstrates how to conduct and evaluate niche modeling projects in any area of application. It features a series of theoretical and practical exercises for developing and evaluating niche models.


BoM copies me, inadequately

Yesterday’s post noted the appearance of station summaries at the BoM adjustment page attempting to defend their adjustments to the temperature record at several stations. Some I have also examined. Today’s post compares and contrasts their approach with mine. Deniliquin The figures below compare the minimum temperatures at Deniliquin with neighbouring stations. On the left, […]

Kerang: Where is the daily data?

Been looking forward to doing Kerang as I knew it was another dud series from ACORN-SAT. The report is here: Kerang The first thing to notice in plotting up the time series data for the raw CDO and ACORN-SAT is that while the ACORN-SAT data goes back to 1910 the CDO data is truncated at […]

Williamtown RAAF – an interesting case

Williamtown RAAF is one case where the quality control test indicates that the adjustments were justified, even though the homogenization in ACORN-SAT produced a strong change in trend. My report is here and Ken has posted graphs for Williamtown, along with a number of sites with large changes in trend by ACORN-SAT. . This illustrates […]

New energy source confirmed in third party test

As previously covered here, Andre Rossi appears to have delivered the goods… Cold fusion reactor verified by third-party researchers, seems to have 1 million times the energy density of gasoline Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat — the device that purports to use cold fusion to generate massive amounts of cheap, green energy – has been verified by […]

Fact Checking the Climate Council 10

The Climate Council mini-statement called Bushfires and Climate Change in Australia – The Facts states in support of their view that “1. In Australia, climate change is influencing both the frequency and intensity of extreme hot days, as well as prolonged periods of low rainfall. This increases the risk of bushfires.” Southeast Australia is experiencing […]

A Practical Project for the Hyperloop 13

When the storied Tesla Motors CEO promoted the Hyperloop, a proposed California high speed rail project between San Francisco and Los Angeles in 30 minutes, instead of the 2 hours and 40 minutes on the VFT, people naturally got excited. But there are three questions. Will the ticket price be compeditive with existing air travel? […]

Error in calculating Hyperloop ticket price 14

The semi-technical document on the Hyperloop mass transport system, recently produced by Elon Musk, estimated the price of a one-way ticket as $20. Transporting 7.4 million people each way and amortizing the cost of $6 billion over 20 years gives a ticket price of $20 for a one-way trip for the passenger version of Hyperloop. […]

Cold Fusion a Victory for the Free Market 19

Free marketers and global warming alarmists alike should be heartened by the handful of companies that claim a zero carbon emissions commercial energy plant based on a safe cold fusion (CF) reaction. An Italian company demonstrated a product called E-Cat in 2011, and a Greek company named Defkalion also provided a profession demonstration of their […]

Examples of Scientific Method 9

Note to global warming alarmists: “Science is our way of describing — as best we can — how the world works. The world works perfectly well without us. Our thinking about it makes no important difference. When our minds make a guess about what’s happening out there, if we put our guess to the test […]

Scientific Method Meets Global Warming 10

In general, there are only two way to prove something in science. 1. Prove a singular (fact) with an observation such as “black swans exist”. 2. Disprove a universal (theory) with a singular fact such as “all swans are white”. The inability to disprove a singular, or to prove a universal, is due to our […]

Nanoplasmonics – a field is born 18

Axil Axil suggested in the Vortex discussion list – about the only list I read these days – the name nanoplasmonics for developments in cold fusion (while referencing a very funny mockery of how academics will revise the history of cold fusion in 2015 – “History is written by the losers”). The field is so […]

How did climate skeptics know the scare was not real? 41

The climate scare is collapsing, it seems, as climate scientists everywhere are renouncing their previous certainty. Skeptics OTOH have been consistent. This blog in particular has been challenging since 2005 the establishment global warming views on such predictions as mass extinctions, significance of warming, decreasing rainfall and droughts. It is instructive to look into ourselves […]

How does cold fusion work? 20

A scientific paper by Defkalion Energy sets our their theory behind the desk-top reactor. 1. Powdered nickel is loaded with hydrogen and heated its Debye temperature – which is the temperature which maximizes the vibration of the individual molecules in the nickel lattice. 2. The hydrogen molecules (H2) are dissociated into a plasma by a […]

Defkalion Demo Packing Heat 4

Todays demonstration by Defkalion Energy of their Hyperion Nickel/Hydrogen reactor showed their technology is ready for industrialization. This technology promises to lower fuel costs by 1000 times. Energy will soon be abundant and safe and burning carbon unnecessary. Coal and renewables are dead men walking. See the series of articles on LENR since 2010.

UQ Fellow Spews Fear 10

John Cook, Climate Communication Fellow from the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland is on the record saying: Climate change like atom bomb and “animal species are responding to global warming by mating earlier in the year. This isn’t because animals are getting randier, it’s because the seasons themselves are shifting” IMHO science […]

More Evidence of a Sun-Climate Connection 7

Bjerknes compensation assumes a constant total poleward energy transport (and an inverse relation between oceanic and atmospheric heat transport fluxes (Bjerknes, 1964)). Contrary to this assumption, there is empirical evidence of a simultaneous increase in poleward oceanic and atmospheric heat transport during the most recent warming period since the mid-1970s (aka the Great Pacific Climate […]

Dick Smith Offers $1M For Proof of LENR 9

Dick Smith, an Australian retail millionaire, has offered a $1M prize first to an italian inventor, and now to a greek company, Defkalion, if they can demonstrate a commercial LENR (low energy nuclear reaction, aka cold fusion) to the satisfaction of third-party scientific observers. As I am convinced this is a scam similar to Firepower […]

Behind the Poll Numbers, Ron Pauls Support 6

Two things I have noticed while tracking polls that differentiate Ron Paul’s from the others. The way support for Ron Paul is firming from the twitter tracking Eg. Support for Mittens has a tendency to droop suddenly, with tweets about him dropping almost to zero, but RP stays firm throughout. I think people are running […]

Debt Wave Grows 5

Congratulations Julia and Wayne, on your new milestone – Australia’s National debt has topped $200 billion after Labor borrowing $100 million per day. Australia now has its largest debt in history, after we borrowed $3.2 billion over the last week. On 11 March 2009, Treasurer Wayne Swan invoked “special circumstances” to increase the debt ceiling […]

Critics of Niche Science 10

When the MSM reports on the commercialization of Ni-H cold fusion energy generation, they see parallels to the scientific treatment of AGW sceptics, citing “follow the money”. If this new technology is real, it should be easy to prove and past failures – and outside agendas – shouldn’t stand in the way. Still, scientific discovery […]

51 Australian Labor/Green Party Achievements 14

And the list of failures keeps growing. 1. Carbon Tax Lie – ‘There will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead.’ 2. NBN – $50 billion Telstra subsidy 3. Building the Education Revolution – The school halls fiasco 4. Home Insulation Plan (Pink Batts) – Dumped after 3 deaths, and x house fires. […]

Nickel Hydrogen LENR Theories 13

The main candidate theories for low energy nuclear reactions involving Nickel-Hydrogen: Widom-Larsen Theory Polyneutron Theory of Fisher Piantelli Hydride Capture Theory Review of Possible Cold Fusion Mechanisms