Dick Smith Offers $1M For Proof of LENR

Dick Smith, an Australian retail millionaire, has offered a $1M prize first to an italian inventor, and now to a greek company, Defkalion, if they can demonstrate a commercial LENR (low energy nuclear reaction, aka cold fusion) to the satisfaction of third-party scientific observers.

As I am convinced this is a scam similar to Firepower International (make sure you look it up on Wikipedia) I am not prepared to waste money on this until the test conditions have been agreed on.

As with the Rossie challenge the test must be one where the result will be accepted by reasonable people in the scientific community.

I hope the Swedish scientists will be involved. If not I feel sure we can get equivalent independent experts.

Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to this live on international television- say the U S 60 minutes.

To get up to speed on this quickly moving story, read here.

  • irandom

    Lubos Motl has a great post on it. Basically, it doesn’t pencil out. A lot of similar stuff posted to Peswiki always requires input power that it amplifies.



    • Anonymous

      Indications are Defkalion has accepted (and was planning public tests anyway). We may find out for sure soon.

      • http://openid.orange.fr/c4i63x Alain

        Smith have declined the test, pretexting problem with NDA… look like retreat.

        anyway it is useless because the rest should run tomorrow, the 24th of February  2012. in about 4 days, the test will be finished (two test of 48h) and the results should be published after writing… by both defkalion and the tester.

        remember the 24th of February, like some remember of 11th of September, in mirror.

        about motl, he clearly have not enough studied the subject, and react abruptly as usual…

        LENR is a proved fact since long (and I don’t believe in UFO or superunitary magnetic machines or alike)…

        Rossi e-cat is a bit strange, because rossi behavior is a bit crazy.
        defkalion behave reationally like a corp, have a board of director like a corp, have specification, NDA, silent, controlled communication like corp.
        clearly from the technical answer that I’ve analysed, they know deeply the safety and engineering problem around their reactor, and seems to control it smartly.

        in my opinion Rossi is not a scam either, but at the beginning he lied a little to hide his problems to control the reactor for long term. he also exaggerate an dream too much

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