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    “The 2019 Group, which prefers to remain anonymous at present, includes a retired Queensland businessman, a former senior government bureaucrat, and has the backing of one of the most successful engineering development groups in the state. Fortuitously, a start has already been made, at the site of the pivotal dam for the project, at Hell’s Gate on the upper Burdekin River.”

    The mysterious 2019 group turns out to be Sir Leo.

    “The plan being put forward by the Queensland 2019 Group builds on the work already under way, but wants a bigger, 120-metre high dam at Hell’s Gate to impound the water needed for its inland ambitions. It would augment the supply by tapping waters from the Tully, South Johnstone and Herbert rivers. Downstream from the dam and its irrigation works, the water would be tunnelled through the Great Dividing Range for Stage 1 – to develop fertile black soil country from Charters Towers to Richmond. Stage 2 would take surplus water from the Thomson River to the Warrego to benefit the ailing Murray-Darling system.

    The Bradfield Scheme Reborn?

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