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The REDOX Diet

The science of REDOX homeostasis and the benefit to the body are just beginning to become known to high-performance athletes and the general public.

REDOX refers to chemical reactions known as REDuction and OXidation reactions. Exercise is known to increase … Read the rest

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Massage Therapy

As the co-owner of Deepfeet Massage Therapy, our massage clinics in Emerald and Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia we are always open to investors, excellent massage therapists looking for employment and customers in need. Clinics are located in major retail centers … Read the rest

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Natural Health

What we look for in sustainable health and the environment are innovations that lie within the normal tolerances of the organism and its environment. This often requires restoring a set of conditions that are natural. And while our strategies cannot … Read the rest

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We all benefit from innovations in sustainable health and the environment. Maintaining the health and the ecological conditions in which species and humans can survive is the foundation for ensuring that every creature lives on despite an ecosystem where thousands … Read the rest

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My contributions to research have been recognized by the US Immigration Service as an Outstanding Researcher due to my peer-reviewed publications in biodiversity, human health and artificial intelligence (ResearchGate, Scholar, LinkedIn). I myself have a Ph.D. … Read the rest

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REDOX Signaling Molecules

Reduction oxidation (REDOX) reactions are central to life and when altered, they can promote disease progression.  It is now clear that some ROS, such as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), can act as messengers both in the extracellular … Read the rest

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The 80-year-old Bradfield scheme is a proposed world-class inland irrigation project that was designed to irrigate and drought-proof much of the north and western Queensland interior. The Scheme required large pipes, tunnels, and dams from the upper reaches of the … Read the rest

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The necessity for irrigation schemes. Comparison of size of global schemes. Australia is 23rd in world rank. Why so far behind? Examples of world irrigation projects. Existing Australian irrigation projects. Current Queensland projects, existing and planned – pathetic. … Read the rest

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How do gravity fed systems work? Examples of Gravity fed systems. Yeomans Keyline system. Permaculture. Colorado River. Climate variability, rainfall sources monsoon in northern Queensland, flood flows vs regular flows, soil types suitable for irrigation, water tables. Economics of pumping … Read the rest

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Interactive Map of Revised Bradfield Scheme

It is really amazing what can be done … Read the rest

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What are the economics? Constriction cost per ML storage. Cost per ML provided. Cost of construction. Breakdown by stage. Potential revenues by crops and water efficiency … Read the rest

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NSW on-boards

Water security is at the centre of the NSW Nationals election pitch to regional NSW, with the deputy premier floating a decades-old multi-state inland irrigation plan at the party’s campaign launch.

Nationals leader John Barilaro on Sunday confirmed he would

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